"Make knowledge your own"

Who we are

The school opened in September, 1997 with Dolores Berumen y Riquelme or “Miss Lolis” as principal. Miss Lolis is the founder of the first bilingual schools in Toluca and Metepec.

The initial idea of Colegio Buena Tierra was motivated by the fact that education in Mexico needed to change. Students needed to be more inquisitive, analytical, and to know the why, how and when of things, so that they could learn to develop abilities, and become critical thinkers instead of only using their memory.

Our curriculum is based on constructivism, cooperative and significant learning. Our motto is about making our own knowledge. To do this, we need to develop abilities and promote positive attitudes not only towards others, but also the environment and learning.

Colegio Buena Tierra
Colegio Buena Tierra

If you sow for a day
plant and cultivate flowers,

If you sow for a year
plant and cultivate trees,

If you sow for life
cultivate and educate people.

At “Buena Tierra” we plant the seeds. That will make our students honest, secure individuals with self-esteem that will allow them to fulfill the dreams all of us have.



Colegio Buena Tierra prepares students to create their own knowledge in an environment of respect for themselves and for those around them, developing all of their abilities, applying and sharing the acquired knowledge in a coed, non-religious, bilingual environment, with the latest technology and a program that teaches values. The Buena Tierra community works continuously to improve and accomplish its goals.


To offer an up-to-date curriculum according to our community, and so be recognized internationally for the work we do, educating men and women who know how to face and solve life’s problems. People who will improve the conditions of their country and love their homeland. As well as making a better world to live in.

Institutional Values


Colegio Buena Tierra, Respeto

Accept and take care of myself, as well as the ideas and way of life of others.


Colegio Buena Tierra, Responsabilidad

Possibility of choosing different options, accepting the consequences and complying with the acquired obligations.


Colegio Buena Tierra, Honestidad

Telling the truth, respecting the truth of others, feeling proud and important of who I am.

Colegio Buena Tierra

Institutional Objectives

Create knowledge, putting into practice cooperative learning, constructivism, inverted design and the practice of values, in order to achieve the P.E.P. (Primary English Program) profile for all students in preschool, elementary and junior high.

Have a culture of organization in the Buena Tierra community, which allows for development, permanence and team work, acquiring commitment and loyalty to the institution, constantly satisfying the objectives of its members, promoting a climate of respect and trust.

By combining the curricular and the administrative, the students of Buena Tierra can achieve the creation of their own knowledge, having the attributes and the characteristics of: researchers and thinkers, with principles, as well as reflexive, balanced, innovative, informed and good communicators.