"Make knowledge your own"

The Buena Tierra Community


Colegio Buena Tierra, Awards

2nd place in the Children's Olympiad of Knowledge 2017

Congratulations to Carolina Trujillo Bracho of 6 ° B for having obtained the 2nd place in the Children's Knowledge Olympics 2017 and moving on to the regional phase to be held on April 26, 2017 !!
Colegio Buena Tierra, Awards

11th sporting event

Putting into practice the enthusiasm, the commitment and the cooperation, the Buena Tierra School celebrated its "XI Sports Meeting" where our students and the invited schools were able to demonstrate their talent, passion and delivery in friendly matches of soccer, basketball, volleyball and cachibol with The purpose of reinforcing the bonds of friendship, companionship and sportsmanship among all the participants Thanks to all, we hope to see you soon!


"Winning is not going ahead of others, it is going ahead of yourself"

Roger Staubach
Colegio Buena Tierra, Awards

1st Place in the 18th Child Painting Contest

Congratulations to Abigail Morales Sedano! For having won the 1st place, of the second category in the 18th Child Painting Contest "Water is Life, Take Care of It!" And put the name of the Buena Tierra School in Congratulations!

Colegio Buena Tierra, Awards

Voluntary Donation Program January

We want to thank the entire Buena Tierra community for their help in donating clothes, blankets and toys we made for the poor people of the community of Santa María del Monte in the foothills of the Volcano through "Desarrolladora Social Mexiquense" With your support we were able to bring smiles and joy to those who need it most, without you it would not have been possible.



Colegio Buena Tierra

Junior High Science Fair 2016-2017

Today our secondary students held their "Science Fair" in which, through inquiry, creativity and cooperation, we were presented with a range of products for the home, hygiene, health, beauty and food, such as insecticides, Detergents, soaps, masks, oils of rosemary and lavender, as well as products derived from honey, coconut oil and baking soda, as well as granola bars, milk candy, chocolates and ice cream. Demonstrated that from home we can easily make natural products free of toxic agents that can help us to make our planet a better place.
Colegio Buena Tierra

1st Elementary PEP Closing

Based on the popular game "Jeopardy", our 1st grade pupils made their PEP closure today with the theme "Food, hygiene and exercise provide a healthy life in human development", divided into 4 teams answered a series Of questions related to the subject and interacted with the parents to know important aspects about personal hygiene, physical activity, a good diet and the different dishes that are consumed around the world and in our country, with all this the little ones know the Habits that will allow them and their families to lead a healthier life.

Colegio Buena Tierra

Commemorative civic ceremony March 21

Today our 3rd year high school students performed a civic ceremony in which they reviewed some important dates for the current month, and presented a poem on happiness in English, and finally delivered some sweets to their colleagues present on the occasion of Easter . Welcome the season that rejoices and renews!

Colegio Buena Tierra, Logros

PEP KII Closing

Making use of curiosity, appreciation and creativity, our KII students made their PEP closing today with the theme "Communication allows us to express ourselves and relate", in which, through songs, games and activities, they showed their parents The differences between feelings and needs, between oral, written and gestual communication, and the benefits of effective communication with the people around them.




Always looking for continuous improvement

Today we are part of the change, with our ecological school project and commitment to the environment, the Buena Tierra School installed a system of photovoltaic panels that absorb solar energy by directly conveying it into electricity, thus adding to the use of renewable and sustainable energy Which do not contaminate and avoid global warming, by using the use of this type of energy.



Improvement in hygiene and cleanliness of bathrooms

Good Earth College reaffirms its commitment to our environment by installing the following: foot lever flow meters, ecological urinals, motion light sensors for energy saving; In preschool, 7 time-saving keys were changed. Helping to make our planet a better place to live.


Continuous trash recycling program

One of the environmental problems that have been identified because of its high negative impact on natural resources is the inadequate management of solid waste. Therefore, the Buena Tierra community encourages the separation of garbage, improving environmental conditions and quality of Life on our planet.