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ISO 9001:2008

This standard is a methodology for quality management, which includes a combination of requirements such as compliance and implementation. For companies and institutions who want certification, this internationally recognized quality system helps them remain competitive.

Buena Tierra has been certified for 6 years with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standard (Certification Number: 139365-2013-AQ-MCI-RvA), as an institution providing educational services for preschool, elementary and junior high, as well as the required administrative services.

This certification is recognized worldwide and allows us to guarantee the quality of our services at all three levels, as well as administrative services. We want to satisfy our clients’ requirements by offering quality services, which continually improve and keep us up-to-date.

Colegio Buena Tierra, ISO 9001:2008

Quality Policy


We are committed to offering quality educational services and being recognized for creating bilingual students who excel academically and technologically, educated with values. All of this is done within an environment of constructivist education and the development of competencies. These students are prepared to confront the challenges of life, capable of looking for new ways of living and learning to be better citizens, serving their country and their world.

We seek to exceed the expectations of our clients, maintaining a system of quality management with international recognition, ensuring follow-up, measurement and evaluation of services. This promotes a culture of quality among the Buena Tierra Community, encouraging continuous improvement and highly qualified and engaged personnel.

Quality Objectives

Colegio Buena Tierra, Quality Objectives